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A Sleep Revolution:
68-year-old outperforms 99% of young adults here’s how

Written by Dr.Nora M 

Published on January 21, 2024

Raymond is one of America's wealthiest men. He made his fortune developing future technology. Until he lost his spark…

Suffering from chronic fatigue, he struggled to sleep. He felt tired, had no motivation, and even struggled to get out of bed. It felt like his body had given up.


Raymond searched everywhere for a solution and found it rooted in his childhood. As a child, he spent his summer holidays on his grandparent's farm. At 78 years old his grandpa outworked all of the younger men working on his farm. After 14 hours of hard labor, his grandpa still had so much energy to play with Raymond. 

Raymond remembered one strange fact…

His grandpa had a nap routine similar to what warriors used 1500 years ago. It gave them a decisive edge to fight without tiring. 


The routine included napping outside and walking barefoot for a couple of hours a day.

Raymond decided to try the routine himself. Dedicating time to actively being outdoors barefoot and napping in the grass was uncomfortable, but it worked; Raymond started to feel like his old self again. 

After one day, he already felt refreshed. After 30 days, he woke up as a new man bursting with energy and drive.

Raymond was so amazed by the result that he wanted to share it with the world.


He hired a team of specialists to research and develop a product that allows him to get the same effect as sleeping outside in the grass without leaving his bedroom. After 2.5 years of research and design, the Terra Grounding Sheet was born.

Improve your sleep to increase your energy and boost your mood today.


Raymond isn't alone in his pain, nor his inability to attain restful sleep.


Lisa was one of the first people to try Raymond's Terra Grounding Bed Sheet.


Lisa reports, 'At first I thought he was crazy, how effective could these sheets be?' After some minor convincing, Lisa slept on the grounded sheets for a week. Lisa reported back to Raymond that she had consistently gained 8 hours per night and had significantly less pain than before. 


Can a grounding bed sheet really provide that much of a difference? 


Although Lisa experiences some pain from her chronic illness,  she has reported a significant difference in her energy levels, mood and inflammation markers.


Lisa says she still deals with some pain from the medical condition, but for the first time in years, she's able to sleep through the night and wakes up refreshed every morning.

Can a Grounding bed sheet really make that much of a difference in someone's life?

"It can, and it does," Dr. Mason tells us. "The Terra Grounding Sheet will work for you if you have chronic pain or inflammation, headaches, insomnia, or just have trouble getting restful sleep. My staff and I did extensive studies on the effects of grounding, how long someone needs to ground themselves, and how often. These studies resulted in a Grounding Sheet that is universally the best fit, size, shape, and thickness for everyone."

What Are Grounded Bed Sheets ?

Terra Grounding Bed Sheets work by establishing a direct connection between your body and the earth. Grounded sheets are intertwined with 10% silver allowing you to tap into the earth's natural energy while you sleep.


This connection aims to help your body achieve balance, reducing stress and potentially improving the quality of your sleep. In essence, grounded bed sheets provide a practical way to incorporate the benefits of earth's energy into your nightly rest, promoting a more rejuvenating sleep experience.

While spending time outdoors barefoot is an excellent way to ground yourself, grounding sheets offer a practical solution for indoor living. Using both outdoor and indoor grounding practices can complement each other, ensuring that you maintain a connection with the Earth's energy consistently.

How Does it Work?

Grounding or earthing involves direct contact with the Earth's natural electric charge (electrons).


The Terra Grounding Bed Sheets are made with 90% Cotton and 10% Silver. By connecting the sheets to your grounded power socket


Designed to transfer the Earth's energy to your body while sleeping. It's like plugging into the Earth's own power source. This connection is more than just comfort; it can help you unwind, get better sleep, and just feel more at ease. So, if you're looking for a way to enhance your sleep and overall well-being, grounding sheets are a pretty cool option!

Is it really worth all the attention?

So far, the Terra Grounding Sheet has sold over 1 million units directly to consumers, even without the help of being sold in stores. The Terra Grounding Sheet has been SELLING OUT every time new stock becomes available; it's become THAT popular.


And, it's all from word of mouth. People like you love it so much that they're posting about it on social media and telling everyone they know about it!

 Significant sleep improvement to maintain your positive energy every day.


After Lisa's story, I wondered if the Terra Sheets could help me, too.

I've been a health professional for 29 years, which sounds more exciting than it is. Almost three decades of being on call all hours of the night to deal with medical emergencies are exciting. Still, it really does a number on my sleep quality.


On top of that, I've been suffering from neck and back pain for the last few years, which I cope with by taking a copious amount of anti-inflammatory.


Because of my personal situation, Lisa's story resonated with me.

I decided to look into the Terra Grounding sheet for myself.

Once I saw the overwhelming number of positive reviews Terra Sheet was getting, it was worth a try. I got on the official website and ordered 2 set of them when they came back in stock, one for me and one for my daughter.


It never hurts to have a second opinion, after all.

...Here's What I Found.

The Terra Grounding Sheets arrived at my door in under 1 week. 


I was surprised.

Right out of the box, I knew I had made the right decision.


The bed sheets and pillowcases make a great first impression. It's very soft and comfortable on the first touch. It was higher quality than I was used to, even more so than the big name-brand ones I've purchased in the past.


I've struggled to sleep for a long time, and my daughter is an insomniac, so we'd put the Terra Grounding Sheet through a rigorous test over the next few nights.

That first night, I was so comfortable as I drifted off, that I didn't think much about it. When I woke up the following day, I wasn't sure if I noticed a real difference or if it was all just in my head.
By the third day, I knew it was real. I was sleeping a solid 7 hours (that's a lot for me; I average 4 hours a night), and my daughter, queen of insomniac, was getting 6 hours uninterrupted...and the craziest thing, she stopped complaining of being lethargic or mood swing.


On the fifth morning of using Terra sheet, my husband told me she hadn't slept well in years.


I believed him because my back and feet weren't sore when I woke up that morning, and I could feel the tension in my shoulders starting to loosen.


It was crazy because I was still working in my fast-paced medical job and hadn't changed anything. My eating and exercise habits were still the same; the only difference was the amount of sleep I was getting, which was much more than usual from using the new bed sheets.


That was enough for me. I returned to the website and ordered a few more sets because I wanted everyone in my family to have them

UPDATE: 6 months with Terra Grounding Sheet, and I'm still sleeping GREAT!

How Much Does It Cost?

It's currently on sale on their official website for just $109.95!

Is It Worth It?

Of course! I'll always be using the Terra Grounding Sheet to get the best night's sleep. I'm glad I have this simple and effective product to keep my neck and back feeling great and help me maximize my sleeping hours.


The benefits are well worth the one-time purchase!


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